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2023 ANMS Discovery Grant Recipient

Adam Edwinson, PhD

Mayo Clinic, Rochester

Connecting Host and Microbiota Metabolism of Polyamines to Effects on GI Function- (CHaMMP study)

Dr. Adam Edwinson is a Research Associate and Instructor of Medicine within the Enteric Neuroscience Program (ENSP) at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Edwinson received his B.S. in Biotechnology and Microbiology from Minnesota State University-Mankato in 2011, after which he attended North Dakota State University, earning his PhD in Molecular Pathogenesis in 2017. He currently works with Dr. Madhusudan Grover as part of his research program at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Edwinson is interested in defining host-microbiota relationships, focusing on the role of microbiota and the trafficking of metabolites, understanding how this influences intestinal physiology and responses within the luminal microenvironment.