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2023 ANMS Discovery Grant Recipient

Naomi Tjaden, MD, PhD

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

Investigating the role of Butyrate as a novel treatment mechanism for Hirschsprung disease-associated enterocolitis

Dr. Tjaden completed her MD/PhD training at the University of Kansas Medical Center and Stowers Institute for Medical Research (mentor: Paul Trainor PhD). She completed residency at Baylor College of Medicine Pediatrician-Scientist Training and Development Program (mentors: Bruno Chumpitazi MD, Eric Chiou MD and Noah Shroyer PhD). Pediatric Gastroenterology fellowship was at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she now practices as a clinical GI motility attending and a research Instructor (mentor: Robert Heuckeroth MD, PhD). She investigates cellular and molecular mechanisms that affect survival in Hirschsprung associated enterocolitis, with a focus on dietary and microbial components that may decrease enterocolitis risk.